Vince's History
     Vince was interested in motorcycles and started working in motorcycle stores as gunk boy and eventually worked his way up to parts manager. He worked at various places and one day he decided the customers deserved better. So he started his own business, Mobile Motorcycle Repair. He started with $100 worth of advertising, his old Ford van and his tools. It was a hard way to make a living, but he is a stubborn guy.

     Vince was in every way the Mobile Motorcycle repair guy. He even started talking to his customers-in his sleep! He got calls at every time of day. I never knew what to expect when I got home from work . He worked seven days a week, any time of day. Sometimes a customer would get stranded and he would go rescue them. Actually, he rescued a lot of people. He showed his customers how to work on their bikes. He loved to teach them how to do it right.

     Our 1st child was born so Vince decided to open a store as well as working out in the field. Can anyone say workaholic. He rented a building on Pacific Avenue where Shucks is now. The store was still called Mobile Motorcycle Repair.

     One day we had a fire at the old store and were out of business for three months while they rebuilt. Things were just looking up, we had just put up a beautiful wall mural, we had a new brand of motorcycle to sell, things were great. One day we saw some guys with measuring tapes in the store and asked them what they were doing. They told us they were measuring the building to tear it down. What sounded like a bad joke became a frantic search for a new building because Al's Auto Supply had just purchased the building and wanted to build their new store. That's how we got to our location at 2651 Martin Way.

     It was a great location for about 16 years. Several years ago I talked Vince into renaming the store. I told him that whenever he went to a motorcycle club meeting everyone told the new guys to go to Vince's store, but they never said the name of the actual store and that's when Vince's Motorcycle Store was born.

    Our landlady decided to sell that store so here we were having to move again. That's how we ended up at at 6790-the other end of Martin Way.

     Now we have multiple brands, 3 kids, and a huge mortgage on a wonderful old house in Lacey. Many of his customers literally grew up with him and now bring their kids bikes to Vince. Just so you know, it makes him feel old, but wonderful. Thank you all for believing in Vince as much as I have.

Mrs. Vince
AKA Teri Palazzo